1. English will be spoken at all times in the school premises. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate this rule.
  2. Students should be punctual to assembly and classes. No one who has been absent or late may be admitted to class without the signature of the Principal/Vice Principal on the regularity record sheet.
  3. Wearing of school uniform for classes, P.T. uniform for P.T. and games periods is compulsory. Parents are to request for exemption if in case their son/daughter is not in a position to attend such classes.
  4. Day scholars / boarders who cannot return promptly after the holidays should get prior permission of the Principal / Vice Principal in writing before the holidays. Otherwise, their names will be struck off the rolls.
  5. PRIVATE TUITIONS ARE NOT PERMITTED. THEY SHOULD NOT IN ANY WAY BE ENCOURAGED. Parents must approach the Principal if in case their son/daughter needs remedial / special help in certain subjects.
  6. Students should not leave the school premises during the breaks and other times without the written permission from the Principal or Vice Principal.
  7. Library books must be handled with utmost care. They should be returned within a fortnight/the stipulated time.
  8. Visitors may meet the students only with the permission of the Principal / Vice Principal.
  9. Only the parents or legitimate guardians are permitted to take their children home during the holidays.
  10. Parents may see or call on their children or interview teachers during the school hours only if the Principal / Vice Principal grants them permission to do so.
  11. Good manners and politeness, both in speech and conduct, are expected from everyone in the school.
  12. Enrolment at Namchi Public School implies, on the part of the pupils and parents, willingness to comply with the rules and regulations of the school.
  13. Date of birth once recorded at admission cannot be changed.
  14. After an illness a pupil must produce a doctor’s certificate stating that he/she is fit to join the school.
  15. The school diary is the personal record of each student. It should be taken to class daily. If lost, it must be replaced. Pupils are themselves responsible for the safe custody of their belongings.
  16. All pupils are to come to school neatly dressed in the school uniform. Elaborate hairstyles are not permitted. Boys and girls should have normal, short haircut.
  17. Any damage to the school property must be made good by the pupil concerned.
  18. The school reserves the right to increase fees at any time, even during the scholastic year, if an increment is deemed necessary.
  19. Continuous assessment is done in each subject based on the performance in regular tests. The results are consolidated and overall achievement is shown in the Annual Report Card.
  20. Parents/Guardians may visit or call their pupils in the hostels on the second Saturday/Sunday of each month and not on any other day.
  21. Boarders will not be permitted to stay in hotels or in the town during short/long holidays, unless their parents are with them.
  22. Visiting Video parlours is not permitted.
  23. Promotion criteria will be made known to the pupils in the beginning of each academic year.
  24. Boarders leaving the school hostels in the middle of the year on grounds other than disciplinary will have to pay three months hostels/school fees.
  25. Anyone absent from the school for one month or more continuously without previous permission from the school authorities, will be considered having left the school.
  26. Any student falling short of 75% of attendance during the year will not be promoted.
  27. A student cannot be re-admitted once withdrawn from the school or hostel, unless the Managing Committee approves it.
  28. Absentees for any test must get prior permission from the Principal/ Vice- Principal in writing. The student will be awarded a zero in that test.
  29. Students are not permitted to join outside tournaments except through the school.
  30. No refund of security deposit will be made without presenting the security deposit receipt.
  31. Students are forbidden to attend parties hosted by any one without prior permission from the Principal.
  32. Students must be present for all examinations. If anyone is absent for any examination, he/she will fail in that term. Boarders will need written permission from the school to go home on working days.
  33. Students of Classes 9 to 12 need prior permission to be absent from school. If this is due to illness, a doctor’s certificate needs to be produced when they rejoin the school.
  34. Students involved in fights, drugs, alcohol and stealing will incur automatic expulsion. The same is applicable to those who run away from the school hostel.